Altilium has filed a patent application for its innovative logistical solution for environmentally friendly collection and discharging of end-of-life EV batteries.

The patent relates to a specially designed container capable of safe transportation, storage and discharging of EV batteries, prior to dismantling and recycling at Altilium’s planned network of battery recycling stations.

The invention will form part of Altilium’s “full battery circularity” solution, offering EV battery collection; recycling to black mass; and chemical refining to cathode active materials (CAM), ready for re-use in the production of new batteries.

Transporting waste EV batteries is challenging and expensive, given their weight and safety risks. On average, transportation represents 41% of the total cost of recycling and contributes 3.5% of life cycle GHG emissions for a recycled battery. By enabling zero carbon collection, Altilium hopes to reduce the carbon footprint of battery recycling by up to 5%.

As Altilium scales-up its recycling operations, the company is building infrastructure and IP at each part of the battery value chain, including the movement of batteries from owners for recycling, and stripping out carbon at every stage.

As well as reducing the overall carbon footprint of recycling, Altilium’s end-to-end solution will allow automotive OEMs and cell manufactures to comply with new EU battery regulations, including minimum levels for recycled material.


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