Altilium has filed a UK patent application for recovery of graphite from recycling old EV batteries, giving anode circularity and reducing the UK’s reliance on imported raw materials.

The application is for an advanced process that recovers high-quality graphite from spent EV battery black mass (anode and cathode waste). This reclaimed graphite, processed through our EcoAnode™ technology, is redesigned for optimal reuse in the production of new, low carbon battery anodes.

Altilium’s proprietary recycling process can recover over 99% of the graphite from end-of-life EV batteries, allowing these valuable resources to be returned to the supply chain. The approach not only enhances the value of battery recycling by creating additional revenue streams, but also contributes significantly to environmental sustainability and UK energy security.

China currently refines over 90% of the world’s graphite and recently announced controls on exports, forcing OEMs and battery manufacturers to explore alternative supply chains. With a growing shortfall in graphite supply expected over the next decade, a shift towards self-sufficiency will be critical for the UK to meet the growing needs of EV battery production.

Earlier this year Altilium announced a partnership with battery materials and technology company Talga Group Ltd. Under the agreement, the two companies will focus on optimising the recovery of graphite from old EV batteries to produce a battery-grade product for use in new anodes.

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