Altilium were pleased to welcome a team from the Advanced Propulsion Centre to our EV Battery Recycling Technology Centre in Devon yesterday, as we closed out our Scale-Up Readiness Validation project for pilot demonstration of our proprietary process to recover critical metals from end-of-life EV batteries.

Backed by the APC, the project has seen the facility transformed from an empty unit to an operational pilot capable of recycling black mass into low carbon cathode active material (CAM) in only 18 months.

Our team had the opportunity to share our vision with the APC for a sustainable, domestic supply chain for low carbon battery raw materials in the UK, reducing our reliance on imported mined materials and supporting the transition to net zero.

Altilium is the only company in the UK recovering cathode metals, including lithium, from waste EV batteries and upcycling to high nickel (CAM), ensuring their seamless integration into new batteries. Our EcoCathode™ hydrometallurgical process could reduce the carbon in CAM by 50% compared to virgin materials and cost by 20%.

Altilium is now part of a £30.1 million APC-backed project led by Nissan, focused on the development and advancement of EV battery reuse, recycling and energy balancing technology.

We are also working on an APC-backed feasibility study in partnership with Lunaz, Europe’s largest upcycling and vehicle electrification business, to develop an innovative and low carbon solution for safe transportation and discharging of end-of-life EV for batteries, prior to recycling at our facilities.

Together, we are leading the charge towards establishing a national champion for EV battery recycling, delivering energy security for the UK and decarbonising supply chains for a cleaner transport future.

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Building the recycling infrastructure needed for net-zero requires a collaborative approach.