Altilium unveils plans to relocate its corporate headquarters and expand its Altilium Clean Technology Site 2 (ACT 2) to a total of 18,000 square foot in Plymouth, Devon. Anticipated for April 2024, this strategic shift marks a significant milestone propelling the company’s sustained growth trajectory. This expansion integration further solidifies the Southwest of England as a R&D and raw materials supply hub for a UK electrified supply chain, including lithium projects and a planned gigafactory.

Experiencing a significant increase in headcount within the last 12 months and completion of its Series A funding round with SQM Lithium Ventures, the expansion of its ACT 2 facility is to accommodate growth and further development of a cutting-edge R&D facility.

The ACT 2 hub is geared towards pioneering innovation across every phase of the EV battery recycling supply chain, underlining the company’s commitment to the lowest carbon, most eco-friendly anode and cathode materials.

Altilium is at the forefront of a UK battery recycling industry, with the only full battery circularity model, a unique customer offering with planned zero-carbon EV battery collection, black mass recycling and chemical refining to cathode active material (CAM) for direct reuse in an EV supply chain.

Our proprietary “EcoCathode” process converts old EV batteries and manufacturing scrap into domestic, sustainable, battery precursors, cathode active materials (CAM) and cathode precursor (pCAM) for direct reuse in new batteries,

Altilium is a UK based clean technology group supporting global ambitions to combat climate change and transition to renewable energy. By recycling existing waste streams such as old EV batteries and mine tailings, we will supply high volumes of green critical battery minerals for a more sustainable and resilient transport future.

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Building the recycling infrastructure needed for net-zero requires a collaborative approach.