We are on path to become the UK only at scale producer of domestic and sustainable battery-ready Cathode Active Material (CAM) from recycling old EV batteries, decarbonising transport for the UK’s net-zero challenge.

  • Pilot Plant Construction Underway: We are pleased to update our scale-up plans in the UK with construction started at our Plymouth Pilot plant (ACT 2), with commissioning early 2024. We will be able to process around one EV battery anode/cathode scrap per day, producing high volumes of CAM for qualification with automotive OEM’s and cell manufacturers.
  • Innovation as a Cornerstone: At our Tavistock EV Battery Technology Centre (ACT 1) we are developing green recycling processes to produce the lowest carbon battery materials, ensuring that every step of the recycling process is environmentally responsible. Our proprietary technology can recover over 95% of the cathode metals, including lithium from end-of-life batteries. These recovered materials aren’t just recycled; they’re reengineered and upcycled to high nickel CAM, ensuring their seamless integration into new batteries. By upcycling, we could reduce the carbon footprint in CAM by 50% compared to virgin materials and cost by 20%.
  • Eastern Europe (ACT 3): Our environmentally permitted, SX-EW hydromet plant is being retrofitting to process 8,000 metric tons of black mass, or 24,000 EVs. There are few environmentally friendly options to recycle old EV batteries in Europe in the near term given the capital expenditure required and the permitting timeline associated with building a hydrometallurgical facility such as ours, giving a first mover advantage in recycling in Eastern Europe.
  • Teesside (ACT 4), Q4 2026: Our full battery circularity model will be a unique customer offering in the UK, encompassing zero carbon EV battery collection, black mass recycling, and chemical refining to produce 30,000 MT of battery-ready CAM, 20% of the UK requirement by 2030 making it one of the largest projects in the region.

At Altilium, by embracing innovation and sustainability, we’re reshaping the UK EV supply chain. Each domestic recycled battery, each upcycled eco-friendly cathode material contributes to a world where we reduce mining, conserve our natural resources and reduce dependence on foreign supply chains.

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Building the recycling infrastructure needed for net-zero requires a collaborative approach.