Process Engineer – Bioleaching for End-of-Life Lithium-ion Batteries

Salary: £33,000 – £45,000 a year (depending on experience)
Hours: 37.5 per week
Location: Tavistock, Devon

The Role:

As a Process Engineer specialising in bioleaching, you will play a crucial role in the development and optimisation of innovative methods to safely recover critical minerals from recycling end-of-life lithium-ion batteries, reducing the carbon footprint of battery materials and helping to create full battery circularity here in the UK.

Your primary responsibility will be to design and implement bioleaching processes that efficiently extract valuable materials from discarded EV batteries to reuse them in the production of new EV batteries. This is a challenging and rewarding opportunity to contribute to sustainable practices in the lithium-ion battery industry.

What You’ll Do:

Research and Development:

  • Conduct thorough research and stay updated on the latest advancements in bioleaching techniques and technologies for extracting critical minerals from end-of-life lithium-ion batteries.

Process Design:

  • Develop and design efficient and scalable bioleaching processes that maximise the recovery of valuable materials, such as lithium, cobalt, nickel, and other critical minerals, while minimising environmental impact.


  • Continuously improve existing bioleaching processes by conducting experiments, analysing data, and identifying areas for enhancement in terms of efficiency, yield, and cost-effectiveness.

Pilot-Scale Testing:

  • Collaborate with a multidisciplinary team to conduct pilot-scale testing of bioleaching processes, ensuring safe, successful implementation and identifying any operational challenges.

Process Monitoring:

  • Implement monitoring systems to track the performance of bioleaching processes and establish quality control measures to ensure consistent results.

Safety and Compliance:

  • Ensure that all bioleaching activities comply with safety regulations, environmental standards, and any other relevant industry guidelines.


  • Collaborate with other engineers, scientists, and researchers to integrate the bioleaching process with other recycling and battery manufacturing processes, optimising the overall material recovery and reusability.

Environmental Impact Assessment:

  • Assess the environmental impact of the bioleaching process and actively seek opportunities to reduce the carbon footprint of the process.


  • Stay at the forefront of developments in bioleaching and recycling technologies, and actively propose new ideas and improvements to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the process.

What You’ll Bring:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Metallurgy, or a related field. A Master’s or Ph.D. degree in these fields would be advantageous
  • Proven experience in process engineering, especially in the development and optimisation of bioleaching processes or hydrometallurgical methods
  • Familiarity with lithium-ion battery chemistry, materials and manufacturing processes
  • Knowledge of environmental regulations and safety protocols relevant to process engineering in the recycling industry.

About Us:

Altilium is a UK-based clean technology group supporting the transformation of the global energy sector from fossil-based to zero-carbon.

Our vision is for a circular and domestic EV battery supply chain, where the critical minerals powering the energy transition are safely recovered from recycling end-of-life EV batteries and mine tailings, saving natural resources and reducing mining.

We are developing the green processing technologies and building at-scale recycling infrastructure to decarbonise the automotive supply chain, providing the lowest carbon, most eco-friendly battery materials for a cleaner transport future.

This is your opportunity to be in at the beginning of the sixth wave industrial revolution, providing circular energy solutions to the UK and Europe as part of a global team.

We’re working to be an inclusive employer and we encourage people from all backgrounds, ways of thinking and working to apply. We love that everyone brings different perspectives and experiences.

We strive to eliminate any barriers that might prevent individuals from showcasing their skills and qualifications. If you require adjustments at any stage of the application process or to the role, please let us know and we’ll see how we can accommodate them.

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