Altilium is the only company in the UK innovating by recycling and upcycling Li-ion scrap to newly engineered and low carbon cathode active material (CAM), ready for immediate reuse in new EV batteries.

Whist recycling batteries to “black mass” cathode waste and battery salts is a step in the right direction, recycling batteries into CAM creates a product with significantly higher market value compared to black mass (x10) and further reduces the carbon footprint of battery production. It also provides a unique customer solution of full battery circularity.

Recycling and upcycling old EV batteries (NMC 111) to modern, high nickel batteries (NMC 622, 811) CAM demands cutting-edge technology and innovation. At our Devon EV Battery Technology Centre, we are developing green processing technologies to reengineer and produce the lowest carbon, lowest cost and most eco-friendly cathode materials.

Our commitment to CAM recycling showcases our dedication to UK EV battery recycling leadership. We’re not just following industry norms, we’re setting new standards and demonstrating how recycling can give domestic, low carbon, sustainable sources of raw materials for direct re-entry in an automotive supply chain, giving UK energy security and saving our natural resources

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Altilium’s full EV battery circularity model will be a unique customer offering in the UK with EV battery collection and zero carbon transportation, black mass recycling and chemical refining to battery-ready cathode active material (CAM).

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Building the recycling infrastructure needed for net-zero requires a collaborative approach.