Altilium Metals, a leading circular supplier of sustainable battery materials, has today unveiled its new brand identity, including a new company name, logo and website (

From today, the company will be known as Altilium, supported by the descriptor Clean Technology, underscoring its commitment to decarbonising automotive supply chains with domestic and low carbon battery materials from recycled batteries and other waste streams.

The new look features the refreshing mineral colours of lithium-ion battery precursors and reflects the company’s vision of a circular battery supply chain, where the critical minerals powering the energy transition are recovered from recycling old batteries, saving natural resources and reducing mining.

The new brand and domain name mean:

  • The company will now be known as Altilium
  • Altilium Metals remains the legal name
  • The website has transitioned to the new brand and can be accessed at
  • The email address domain name for Altilium employees is @
  • The LinkedIn account is now Altilium Clean Technology

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