Visit to the labs of Imperial College, London under our joint research program funded by the UK Government’s Automotive Transformation Fund to show batteries made under our recycling process perform just as well as cathodes from virgin raw materials.

At our EV battery recycling demonstration line we are using advance material science techniques to reengineer and produce new cathode active material (CAM) from “black mass” battery scrap containing valuable lithium, nickel, cobalt and manganese.

CAM is the highest value component in a battery making up 60% of cell cost and offers battery producers a complete circular value chain.

Under the Imperial program we will compare electrochemical performance of cathodes from our recycled powder with commercially manufactured cathode powders made from mined materials at coin cell and single layer pouch cell level.

The work done with Imperial is part of a wider qualification, including OEMs of our recycled CAM to demonstrate that we can produce cathodes as good as commercial material that the UK will have to import for an at scale electrified transport supply chain.

Recycling has the potential to give the UK a domestic, low carbon, sustainable source of battery materials that reduces it’s dependency on overseas suppliers giving energy security.

Altilium Metals is a Clean Tech group developing green processing techniques to recycle existing waste streams and building at-scale infrastructure to return high volumes of sustainable anode and cathode materials for reuse in electric vehicle batteries.

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Building the recycling infrastructure needed for net-zero requires a collaborative approach.