Altilium Metals has signed an MOU with Volta for development of UK battery processing stations. Volta a subsidiary of conglomerate Envipro, is operating a number of li-ion battery recycling facilities in Japan.

The new partnership will give Altilium Metals access to Volta’s superior technology, tailored quality approach for feedstock delivery and access to an Asian black mass supply network.

At the future battery processing stations, a mixed stream of production scrap and end-of-life consumer and electric vehicle batteries will be processed.

Lithium-ion scrap will be converted into a number of product streams including copper/aluminium and “black mass” which contains highly valuable metals such as lithium, cobalt  and nickel.

The black mass will be then processed at the Teesside “Battery Recycling Refinery” for hydrometallurgical treatment to a cathode active material, a final format for cell manufacture, offering full battery circularity to customers.

The planned Teesside plant, the largest in the UK will be able to process battery scrap from over 150,000 electric vehicles per year giving a high volume, low carbon supply of anode and cathode materials for reintroduction to an electrified supply chain, giving energy security and reducing raw material mining.

Altilium Metals is a UK Clean Tech group supporting the transition to net zero by supplying the critical metals from the recycling of existing waste streams, such as mine tailings and lithium battery scrap promoting a circular economy.

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Building the recycling infrastructure needed for net-zero requires a collaborative approach.