Our team had the opportunity share our vision for a low carbon, domestic supply of anode and cathode materials for a UK electrified supply chain by recycling waste already in circulation.

At our scale-up recycling line, we are the only company in the UK recovering critical metals such a lithium and cobalt from spent batteries and allows us to characterise feedstocks, produce samples for customer qualification and increase learnings for commercial plants.

In partnership with the Automotive Transformation Fund, we have recently completed a feasibility study for the UK’s largest battery recycling plant, producing 30,000 MT of cathode active material, giving full battery circularity.

Currently, under its Scale up Readiness Validation program and in conjunction with Imperial College, London we are producing new batteries for testing to show recycled materials perform just as well as batteries made with virgin mined materials.

The Automotive Transformation Fund (ATF) is an Advanced Propulsion Centre programme that aims to establish a competitive and sustainable UK electric vehicle supply chain. It offers a share of up to £1 billion of funding for capital and associated industrial research projects.

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Building the recycling infrastructure needed for net-zero requires a collaborative approach.