Altilium Metals approach to supply critical minerals for electric vehicle batteries in a cleaner and more sustainable way by recycling existing waste streams is important for the environment and for supply chain security. We will help the US meet the needs of the rapidly growing EV market with a domestic supply of minerals.

Initially we will further develop our green processing technologies under research programs with the group of Steve Nutt, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at USC and accelerate innovative battery recycling technologies for decarbonising the automotive supply chain.

Rapid growth of electric vehicle (EV) sales in the US has led to concern about securing mineral inputs used in EV batteries and The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) requires that EV manufacturers source 40% of critical battery minerals domestically or with free trade partners by 2024. That percentage increases to 80% in 2026 giving Battery Recyclers a significant business opportunity in the short-longer term.

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Building the recycling infrastructure needed for net-zero requires a collaborative approach.