The Medet recycling initiative will reduce harmful mining, clean up the contaminated site and provide an important source of copper to a European battery Industry.

The JORC statement will inform potential investors and sets a minimum standard for public reporting on the mineral resource at the site. It will build on the previous technical report done by Earthworx in 2021.

Our copper tailings located in central Bulgaria are the largest in Eastern Europe and originates from waste at the former Medet and Assarel copper mines between 1964 until 1999.

Copper is key for battery anode current collectors as well as electric motors and charging stations in the electrification of transport. Currently, we only have enough copper for 30% market penetration of electric vehicles.

Approximate 43 million tonnes of copper are sitting idle in waste dumps at mines across the globe. That’s the equivalent of more than a decade’s worth of mine supply and worth $2.4 trillion at current prices.

At Altilium Metals we believe the technology metals for the energy transition can come from existing waste streams, for example end-of-life electric vehicle batteries and mine waste, promoting a circular economy and saving precious resources.

EarthWorx Indonesia is a Metallic mineral/coal exploration and resource development services company offering a broad range of exploration services including JORC, Kode KCMI and NI43-101 reporting.

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Building the recycling infrastructure needed for net-zero requires a collaborative approach.