• Indonesia is the world’s largest source and producer of nickel and is holding 25% of the world’s reserves.
  • Nickel Mixed Hydroxide Precipitate (MHP) intermediate is becoming an essential raw material in the production of EV batteries.
  • Our plant designed by Hatch, will be able to take a mixed feed of waste including consumer (LCO), EV batteries (NMC, LFP) and primary MHP.
  • Any “pure” battery recycler relying on spent battery and gigafactory scrap in the short term will struggle, particularly in markets such as the US where overcapacity is being built. For example, Redwood will initially be processing 70% primary raw material in their Recycling plant.
  • Altilium Metals will add MHP from Indonesian partnerships as part of a mixed feed strategy to its UK Recycling plant to compensate for variance in quality and quantity of battery scrap.

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Building the recycling infrastructure needed for net-zero requires a collaborative approach.