The UK’s electric vehicle sector received a jump start today with the announcement that £27.6m in government-backed funding has been awarded to 17 projects through the Faraday Battery Challenge, including Altilium Metals battery recycling technology.

The Challenge Director, said “As we move towards a net zero future the UK’s electric vehicle industry must continue to evolve. These winning projects have all shown how their ideas can potentially accelerate the development of technologies in the UK”.

Altilium Metals winning award was for the “Development of new processes to recover critical metals from multi-chemistry, end-of-life EV batteries and convert them into tailored cathode-active materials (CAM-EV)”. The CAM-EV project focuses on optimising Altilium’s novel hydrometallurgical method.

To process black mass containing multiple end-of-life battery chemistries to recover the critical metals and ensure the consistent production of a high-quality, tailored cathode-active material (CAM).

Imperial College London will test and qualify the CAM material in silo, before using it to manufacture cathodes in battery cells for further performance qualification. Also, the consortium will perform a technical and commercial viability assessment regarding the processing of next-generation sodium ion batteries.

Consortia members:

  • Altilium Metals Ltd
  • Imperial College London


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