Altilium Metals makes its latest investment in the future of EV battery recycling innovation – a new laboratory space at its Devon Technology Centre. The Lab includes a range of new testing instruments and walk in fume cupboards, that will greatly enhance the company’s current in-house capabilities in the recycling of EV battery waste “black mass” direct to Cathode Active Material, a format for direct reuse in new EV cell manufacture.

The Research Facility will support the scale-up recycling demonstration line at the Innovation Centre that allow us to attain data to make informed decisions on mixed feedstocks, scalability and product quality at our planned UK Recycling plant, being designed in conjunction with Hatch capable of recycling battery waste from 150,000 EVs per annum.

In a project lasting 3 months, Kastner Lab Project Engineers worked tirelessly to build the new laboratory space, ensuring it meets the exacting needs of our technical team. Altilium Metals also worked with Asynt to equip the facility with a range of laboratory equipment.

Both suppliers are renowned around the world for providing world-leading technologies and services for scientific research and Altilium Metals are proud to have collaborated with these businesses.

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Building the recycling infrastructure needed for net-zero requires a collaborative approach.