Altilium Metals has appointed a London based specialist patent lawyer for a UK patent for its technology innovation in the recycling of spent EV batteries direct to cathode active material (CAM), the highest value component in cell manufacture.

Under a 20-month research program with the University of Plymouth, UK it verified its proprietary hydrometallurgical process at the lab scale, with confirmation over 95 per cent of the critical cathode metals can be recovered in a format for direct reuse in cell manufacture.

The patent application is designed to enhance large scale industrial operation based on developments in pilot testing and scale up at its Electric Vehicle Battery Recycling Technology Centre in Devon, UK.

It plans to file additional patent applications within the next several months on technology that is designed to process anode material graphite for reuse in new EV battery production as well as environmental improvements in the leaching process of end of life batteries.

Altilium Metals is a clean technology group recovering scarce and critical metals needed for the energy transition by recycling waste, with plans to process mine tailings and spent EV batteries, promoting a circular economy and conserving natural resources by reducing virgin raw material mining.

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Building the recycling infrastructure needed for net-zero requires a collaborative approach.