Our Electric Vehicle Battery Technology Centre in Devon, UK has been awarded a permit from the Environment Agency to recycle EV battery waste or black mass at the “metric ton” scale.

At this Innovation Centre we have a demonstration line to scale up a proprietary process to recycle EV spent battery waste direct to cathode active material (CAM).

With this permit we will be the first in the UK to recycle at the “metric ton” scale to CAM, a format for direct reuse in new battery production, reducing many steps that saves energy and cost compared to other recycling processes. CAM is the highest margin and most advanced battery material used in cell production, making up over 50% of the total battery cost.

The scale-up processing line recycling in the metric tons volume, will allow us to attain data to make informed decisions on materials handling, scalability and product quality at our planned UK mega-scale recycling plant in Teesside capable of recycling battery waste from 150,000 EVs per annum.

Altilium Metals is developing recycling technologies that will provide a stable and sustainable supply of lithium, nickel and cobalt indigenously sourced from spent UK EV batteries and gigafactory scrap, vital for a local automotive supply chain.

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Building the recycling infrastructure needed for net-zero requires a collaborative approach.