Indonesia holds the world’s largest nickel reserves and over the next several years is expected to provide most of the new nickel supply needed by the globe’s booming electric vehicle industry.

Altilium Metals has incorporated PT Altilium Battery Metals in Indonesia for the processing of primary ores of nickel, cobalt to MHP as feedstock to a UK recycling plant processing battery waste from 150,000 EV’s. The extracted metals will be used to produce Cathode Active Material (CAM) and will enable a circular economy for the battery value chain, significantly improving the CAM product carbon footprint and supporting a UK electrified automotive supply chain.

The UK plant, the largest currently planned, will be capable of processing a mixed stream of feed including end-of-life lithium-ion batteries as well as off spec material from cell producers. In the near term, to alleviate possible shortage in battery waste for mega-scale recycling solutions, the plant designed by Hatch will incorporate an option to process raw materials sustainably mined from our nickel, cobalt assets in Indonesia.
Altilium Metals has a high grade operating manganese mine, PT Mandala Erakovic and a portfolio of nickel and cobalt assets including PT Mustika Artha Prathama and PT Konstructor providing security of supply and feedstock to the processing plant. PT Altilium Battery Metals is in the process of applying for local permits for the processing, refining of ores from its mines and export to the UK.

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Building the recycling infrastructure needed for net-zero requires a collaborative approach.