We completed our planning meeting for a 18-month research program sponsored by Altilium Metals with Imperial College. Imperial will produce lithium-ion coin cells and pouch cell batteries to validate the electrochemical performance of recycled technology metals from a number of current battery chemistries and verify they perform the same as batteries from virgin raw material. The program will commence September 1st 2022.

In addition we discussed extending our collaboration to an additional research project to investigate future electric vehicle battery chemistries, including sodium-ion batteries, which the group are global leaders. Due to expected shortage of lithium, incorporating sodium into the cells is something battery manufactures are planning to do. We agreed future R&D on the recyclability of sodium-ion batteries in addition to our work in lithium-ion electric vehicle chemistries.

Consistently rated amongst the world’s best universities, Imperial College London is a science-based institution with a reputation for excellence in teaching and research. Altilium Metals is working with Professor Magda Titirici, Chair in Sustainable Materials and her team. Professor Magda Titirici research is focused on current and future renewable battery chemistries, including blue skies research on new energy sources post 2050 net zero.

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Building the recycling infrastructure needed for net-zero requires a collaborative approach.