Altilium Metals holds a multiyear concession agreement to extract minerals from Medet tailings and a Solvent Extraction-Electro Winning Plant (SX-EW) in the Pirdop region of Bulgaria. It plans to process 50 MT per month of consumer battery waste collected for smart phones and personal consumer electronics, recovering at least 6 MT of nickel metal, 10 MT of cobalt metal, 6 MT manganese carbonate and 10 MT of lithium carbonate respectively per month at their facility with plans to ramp up to 10,000 mt per year in 2023.

In addition, Altilium Metals has developed a closed loop recycling process for the recycling end-of-life lithium-ion electric vehicle batteries, which has been verified at the bench stage by the University of Plymouth in the United Kingdom. The final product is a chemical combination of cathode metals of a quality which can be directly used for reuse in battery manufacture. Mid-2022 Altilium Metals will commence EV processing 3 tons per day cathode waste or 2,000 EV battery packs. Mid-2023 it has plans to scale up to processing 10,000 MT per year electric vehicle cathode waste or 20,000 EV battery packs.

This will be the first low carbon, high efficiency hydrometallurgical recycling of spent consumer electronic and electric vehicle lithium-ion batteries in Europe at a commercial scale.

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